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At Cromwell Dental Practice we believe in starting good cleaning regimes early to help prevent gum disease and dental problems later in life. We also want children to feel that the dentist is not a scary place to visit, building their confidence in a friendly atmosphere.

Our friendly, highly trained staff will explain to you and your child the need to establish a daily brushing routine, oral disease risks and ways to prevent them. We’ll use state-of-the-art equipment so that your child’s experience is as painless as possible.

Your children’s dental health is important as bad dental habits formed in childhood can lead to problems in adult life or even earlier. Children need to know how to look after their teeth properly to cut down on the chances of cavities occurring and gum disease developing. Contact us for honest advice today.

Why choose Cromwell Dental Practice?

  • Our relaxed atmosphere calms even those who are afraid of the dentist
  • Same-day emergency appointments are available whenever you’re in pain
  • We cater to adults and children, as well as both NHS and private patients
  • We’re additionally qualified by the Royal College of Surgeons

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